peHUB Second Opinion 10.28

GMAC = Insanity: Mean Street believes that the three-time bailout of GMAC is plain insanity. (Deal Journal)

The Three Habits:…of highly irritating management gurus (Economist)

How To Do Better Due Diligence: “Most PE firms have no idea if the company they are about to acquire knows how to execute.” (Dealscape)

Big Deals in Europe: KKR, Cinven, TPG and Blackstone are circling discount retailer Matalan. (FT)

FYI: Bloomberg will no longer provide your daily ego boost. (Dealbreaker)

In Defense: Goldman Sachs argues that it’s the good guy. (Executive Suite)

NYPPEX Report: Private Equity Funds Accurately Value Their Portfolio Companies (peHUB)

More Advice: Prepare to dump bonds as M&A takes off. (Dealzone)

Privilege: Why rich college kids can sell dope and you can’t. (

Rants: Bailed-out bankers don’t deserve million-dollar salaries, no matter how much they complain about limits on executive pay. (Gaurdian)