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peHUB Second Opinion 10.29

Ouch: WSJ Columnist David Weidner agrees with Josh Kosman’s book, the Buyout of America, calling you all ‘Barbarians by Any Other Name.” Check out this column and video on the topic: (WSJ)

Private Equity Goes A-Vulturing: PE firms have spent over $4 billion acquiring bankrupt companies in 2009. (Pitchbook)

The Relentless Rise of Power Jeans: The Wall Street Journal explains how Obama and hedge funders are making jeans acceptable in positions of power…Thus, POWER JEANS! Not *Quite* as awesome as Tina Fey’s Mom Jeans or Michael Scott’s Fun Jeans. (WSJ)

If You Want to IPO a Portfolio Company: You need to have skin in the game. (Reuters)

New York Venture Capital: Startups Rise from the Wreckage of New York’s Financial System (Wired)

North African Private Equity? Business-friendly reforms in some north African countries are prompting more local firms to seek expertise and funding from abroad, creating opportunities for private equity in the region. (Reuters)

Doublin’ Down: GTCR Golder Rauner has invested even more money (via PIPE) in Private Bancorp Inc. (Chicago Tribune)

Industry Shrinkage: Investors are planning a thorough pruning of the private equity industry after 18 months of weak returns, demanding managers put more of their own money at risk, in smaller funds, for smaller fees. (Reuters)

Attitudes on Alternative Investments: “Remember, in the eyes of both the government and Main Street, hedge funds are an acceptable casualty of war.” I can’t help but think private equity is right there with ‘em. (Minyanville)

The Daily Show takes on weak Wall Street reform:

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