peHUB Second Opinion

Fit to be TiEd: The TiE network launches an angels investment group in Boston

Next Up: Rep. Paul Ryan will rebut the President’s State of the Union address

Oscars!: The King’s Speech is up for the most hardware

Icahn Wins (It Seems): Dynegy’s got until midnight to find a better bid than Carl Icahns—which trumped Blackstone’s take-private offer by 10 percent

Hiring!: Well, just with GTCR and TA Associates

Bonuses!: Now, not for everyone on Wall Street

PE style, the S.E.C. alleges

The Vulture of Divorce Court: Alec Gores eyes the warring McCourts’ Dodgers

It’s a Start:
President Obama will pitch a budget freeze & earmark bans tonight

Head for the Border!: Taco Bell sued for allegedly not having enough beef in its ground beef