peHUB Second Opinion 10.30

Happy Halloween!

New Money: Oklahoma Teachers has $400 million to invest in private equity, via Franklin Park. (Global Investor)

The Scourge of Private Equity: Meet Fed Reserve boardmember Daniel K. Tarullo. He’s taking a hard line against private equity investment in banks. (Dealscape)

Priority Readjustment: One in four people are glad the world’s economy slumped like it did. (CNBC)

New Target: Has Andrew Cuomo moved on from targeting private equity? Today he announced a big kickback scandal at Amgen, yet we haven’t heard anything for awhile on PE pay-for-play, especially regarding the elephant in the room, Steve Rattner and Quadrangle. What gives? (Clusterstock)

Buyout Blackball: Buyout deals in banking have hit a ton of roadblocks. So much for that great opportunity… (The Deal)

Blackstone News: The firm has signed its first investor for its Shanghai yuan-denominated fund. (WSJ) (Not sure why this page is all black, you may have to highlight the text to read it).