peHUB Second Opinion 10.30.08

Uh-Oh: Pension funds are short on dough, too.

Doggie Heaven: The guard dog at Lehman Brothers (who was laid off by Barclays) has died. Dealbreaker is auctioning the dog’s ID card on ebay.

Heller Ehrman No More: The 188-year-old firm will cease to exist on November 28.

Stop What You’re Doing: And read this assessment of the two actions that companies and firms under peril take: Finger pointing and Frenetic (and unproductive) activity. John Kotter explains why they just don’t work, and what to do about it.

Hungry For Leverage: Well, maybe not hungry, but Goldman isn’t de-levering like everyone else in the country, Dealbook reports.

Last Call: ON Semiconductor is desperate for your private equity money.

Blame It On The Media: The New Yorker discusses the eternal conflict between getting it first and getting it right. Everyone subscribes to the cult of the scoop, but does it have to be a tradeoff, Dow Jones?

Red Letter Day: Naked shorts rounds up a whole lotta bad news via investor letters from hedge and PE funds.

A Big Banker Speaks Out: One anonymous take on why the government should provide more money to regional banks than the big banks, via Joe Nocera.

Seoul Train: Blackstone’s on it. The firm has committed to spending $2 billion for co-investment deals with South Korea’s national social-security fund.