peHUB Second Opinion 10.3.08

Corporate Dealmaker: Strategic plus PE = credit crunch deals done right? Best quote: “”Private equity and corporate buyers pairing up is like a Catholic marrying a Buddhist — it happens, but there are some real differences in how each one does things.””

Stamp Of Approval: The Private Equity Counsel is feeling congratulatory on the passing of the bailout bill. I’m not sure we were ever worried the PEC did not like the bailout bill, but at least now we know everyone’s happy.

Wrong Crisis: Kedrosky believes that we’re comparing the current state of affairs to the wrong banking crisis. Forget 1929, this is more like 1872.

Dealbook: Posts the Citi-Wachovia exclusivity agreement.

Family Dollar Has Lots of Dollars: Someone is winning in our slumping economy.

Dow: So I guess we don’t like the bailout after all?

CNN: How small businesses are getting creative with funding sources, including peer-to-peer lending.