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peHUB Second Opinion 10.6

How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect: A study suggests that a feeling of absurdity “may prime the brain to sense patterns it would otherwise miss – in mathematical equations, in language, in the world at large.” (WSJ)

Thank You: A UK woman is taking up George Carlin’s torch, combating nonsensical corporate jargon, including at financial institutions. (WSJ)

Continuing Debates: Is Michael Moore a fan of “Blue Bails”? (The Big Money)

Grocery Sale: The unnamed PE bidder for grocery store Ukrop’s has pulled out of its deal. (Supermarket News via Roanoke Times)

Wilted Flowers: U.S. buyout firm JC Flowers and its investors were hit by Europe’s largest private equity loss yesterday, with its stake of around EUR500 million ($727 million) in German bank Hypo Real Estate set to be forcibly sold. (Financial News)

Not Going To Change Things: A member of the Cadbury family has described Kraft’s takeover bid for the British confectionery group as a “horror story.” (Reuters)