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peHUB Second Opinion 10.9

More Lending Thaw Predictions: This week the trigger is CD&R’s stake purchase in Johnson Diversey. (AM Law)

Steve Schwarzman owns Shamu: The Playgrounds of Private Equity, in which BX’s new deal “could also prove to be a roller coaster in terms of value if Americans don’t rediscover fun as part of the economic recovery.” (Dealzone)

At Least Someone is Excited about Private Equity: Guggenheim Investment Advisors LLC, which supervises $50 billion of assets, is renewing interest in private-equity funds after it halted such investments for two years because of concerns asset prices were too high. (Bloomberg)

Fuzzy Channel: Citi, others give static to Clear Channel’s PE firms. (New York Post)

PEC VS NVCA: Have PE lobbyists thrown VCs under the bus? (Dealscape)

The Movie “Wall Street” Is Anti-Finance: But MBA students don’t understand that. The Deal Professor on the “Ineviability” of Finance. (Dealbook)

Bummer: New York Falls To #3 Financial Center, Beaten By Australia (Clusterstock)

Cole Porter: The United Steelworkers President has an op-ed about Capitalism, titled “Anything Goes capitalism has got to go.” Anything Goes capitalism is private equity, he writes. (The Hill)

What plagues the private equity space? Experts answer (MoneyControl)