peHUB Second Opinion 11.15

Banks do some of their best work when spending other people’s money.

Is this the end for Twinkies? Say it ain’t so.

Dell’s quarterly earnings fall short of expectations

For some users, the App Store was down today.

News Corp. nears deal to buy minority stake in YES Network.

Sarah Austin, one of the stars of the Silicon Valley reality show, says being on the show is a nightmare.

What to do the week BEFORE you start your new job.

Thieves steal $1.5 mln worth of new Apple iPad minis at JFK airport.

Todd Bradley, the head of PC business at HP, doesn’t think Microsoft’s Surface tablet is competition.

Spotify is rolling out its first browser-based music player.

Aaron Sorkin gives a hint of what the new Steve Jobs movie will be like.

Photo courtesy of Hostess Brands