peHUB Second Opinion 11.21 Thanksgiving Edition

Curiosity found something big on Mars but NASA isn’t telling.

The most dire Twinkies headline this week.

When journalists become venture capitalists, you know there’s a bubble.

The FBI is now looking at H-P’s buy of Autonomy.

After Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv ranks best for tech startups, according to a study.

Danica Patrick is getting a divorce.

What does a $225 turkey taste like?

Apple’s spaceship-like offices in Cupertino won’t be completed until mid-2016.

The Onion’s parody of social media experts.

BlackJet, founded by the co-founder of Uber, is live.

Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress

Thanksgiving is a hard time to be an insufferable food writer.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Yuri Gripas