peHUB Second Opinion 11.28

Nokia is trying to block the sale of RIM products that have wireless LAN capabilities.

Microsoft has launched Scroogled which attacks Google’s “unfair pay-to-rank shopping practices.”

And, Google has bought Incentive Targeting.

Fitch has downgraded Argentina and predicts a default.

Are PE firms worth the “2 and 20”? This study looks at whether private equity funds earn their fees.

The U.S. government threatens SAC Capital Advisors with civil securities fraud charges .

Andrew Mason, Groupon’s CEO, says he is still the right person to head the daily deals site.

Paul Ceglia pleads not guilty to allegedly faking evidence in his lawsuit against Facebook.

The U.S. government says A123 Systems can’t be sold without its consent

Astronomers have found the largest black hole ever. That’s EVER.

No one in NYC was reported shot, stabbed or slashed on Monday because they were too busy shopping.

Here’s a who’s who of who’s involved in the fight for Knight Capital. Silver Lake is in there.

Photo of Argentina President Fernandez de Kirchner courtesy of REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian