peHUB Second Opinion 11.9

Some common Angel investing mistakes? Burdening founder, giving bad advice and others.

Brad Feld’s touching memorial to his dog, Kenai.

President Obama looks like he’ll be hanging tough on the fiscal cliff.

iPhone 5 and iPod are having problems with rapid diagonal swipes

What luck. Chris Kubasik, Lockheed Martin’s incoming CEO, resigns after having a relationship with a subordinate.

GM is the lead bidder for Ally Financial’s auto finance operations in Europe and Latin America.

Mike Quinn, a former CIA operations officer who is now VP of services at Cisco, sounds like he needs anger management classes.

George Takei’s book, Oh Myyy, is taking on Facebook’s use of EdgeRank.

David Patraeus, director of the CIA, resigned after admitting to having an affair.

Oops. The SEC forgot to encrypt some of their computers containing highly sensitive info.

Linda McMahon talks about spending $97 Mln on her senate runs.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Joshua Roberts