peHUB Second Opinion 11.06

GE Capital is Back: Analysts are bullish about GE Capital: “We believe the risk GE Capital poses is reduced, 2010 earnings achievability is high, and there is more upside across the company into 2011.” That goes in line with a lender I spoke with who said he’d competed with GE Capital on a deal this week for the first time since last year! (WSJ)

Where are Harvard Grads Going? “About 11 percent went to private equity or leveraged buyout jobs, and 2 percent took positions in the venture capital industry, compared with 17 percent and 4 percent last year, respectively.” (Dealbook)

A Brutal Wakeup Call for Part-Time B-Schools: The economic crisis has hit executive MBA and non-degree programs hard, but the savviest are adapting to the new market. (BusinessWeek)

The Dark Side of the Productivity Surge: The third-quarter productivity numbers show that business is squeezing more work out of employees in hard times. (BusinessWeek)

And Now that You’re Overworked More Productive: Businesses aren’t going to hire new people to give you a break.  (WSJ)

Deals… FROM HELL! Is Landry’s the new Frankenstein? (Deal Professor)

Good News for IPOs: STR, Sold by Credit Suisse DLJ Fund, Rises After IPO and Hyatt, pull off upbeat market debuts.

Random: The 25 laziest cities in America. (Clusterstock)

What do insider traders wear to court? Track suits. Classy. (Intel)

White Paper: Kirkland Ellis pontificates on minority investments. (Kirkland Ellis)