peHUB Second Opinion 11.06

Deal Professor: The Second Wave of Deal Failures. Way to go, private equity, you’ve emerged unscathed.

Dealbreaker: Asks, with Blackstone’s IPO, did the firm call the top or were they late to the game?

Excel Spreadsheets, Probably: How will Obama prioritize his towering economic to-do-list?

Daily Beast: An Obama Administration flowchart. (Potential, of course.)

Thank You: Now that the election is over, can we please, please drop the clichés like Main Street, Wall Street and Joe Sick Pack? A few weeks ago the NY Times’ style editor railed against some of the worst of them, many of which are business-related. Guilty parties include “on the hook” and “doubled down.” In turn, I promise to tone down the election-news deluge on a private equity site. Deal?

From Pay-Pal To Hedge Fund: The skills don’t translate, apparently. Clarium Capital, Peter Theil’s fund, declined 18%.

And On That Note: Here are some succession lessons for CEOs, as learned from McCain’s VP choice.

Gimme Two Steps: Nancy Pelosi wants to add a permanent tax cut to the bail-out plan, as part of a two-part stimulus plan.

Primer: Obama + Capital Gains Tax / Private Equity For The Uninitiated.<–>