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peHUB Second Opinion 11.10

You Guys Ready for a Surge in M&A? JPMorgan is. Richard Bove is particularly bullish on the firm’s advisory prospects. (Dealzone)

Keeping Up Appearances: What do laid off bankers do when the severance runs out? (WSJ)

Meanwhile: Dealscape thinks the story is strangely similar to the plotline of the move “Fun with Dick and Jane.”

Loan Opinions: Nervous bankers are willing to lend again according to a recent survey. (Business Insider)

Bloggers and Hedge Funders Can Be Friends: If Daily Intel and John Paulson were friends, this is what their IMs would look like. (Daily Intel)

Saving Customers From Their Own Stupidity: peHUB’s parent company, Thomson Reuters, is anti-competitive for merely not helping its customers to use competitors’ products. Huh? (Dealbreaker)

Senator Dodd Unveils Bank-Reform Bill: The measure’s consolidation of bank agencies is one of the big departures from the financial-reform efforts of the House and the Obama Administration. (BW)

Annnd: WSJ’s PE Beat writes that this draft looks positive for PE firms. (WSJ)

Just So You Know: Chocolate milk is the new red wine.  (NYTimes via Abnormal Returns)