peHUB Second Opinion 11.10.08

Hold Your Breath: More than 80% of Silicon Valley’s 150 largest public companies have employees with “underwater” stock options. Meaning, they can’t buy stock at the price their company is trading at these days.

Top 25 Private Equity Schools: Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, University of Chicago, Northwestern, the list goes on…

Leveraged Loans Are Taking a Beating: But we all knew that.

Just How Leveraged Are We: Carlyle’s Randal Quarles provides some insight. And guess what, he uses the “D” word.

Speaking Of The D Word: Young New Yorkers are partying like its 1929 and Depression-era art and clothing styles are blowing up, BusinessWeek reports. It’s translating into marketing campaigns for some companies.

Thanks BofA, Citi: KKR gets $400 million in new credit for KKR Financial. Not unlike the Blackstone Group’s decision to draw down some of its revolvers.

HugeURL: Most web-savvy people are familiar with TinyURL, the web-address-shrinking function for eliminating long, cumbersome links.  Well, today I present to you, HugeURL. Because bigger is better, right?

Remember: How big the auto industry really is, and how dependent on the Big Three it is. Despite plenty of calls for the government to let them fail, Business Pundit gives us reasons to prop them up.

Remember The 70s: When New York was bankrupt? Looks like that’s a possibility once again, as Bloomberg tries to cut the budget to avert such an occurrence.

Furthermore: What if New York starts charging a toll on the East River bridges?

If Pensions Are Underfunded: Women and older workers will be hurt the worst, George Mangus writes.

On Second Thought: Pipes into Indian companies aren’t looking so hot these days.

Thanks, Dealbreaker: For naming the cancellation of so many Wall Street firm holiday parties the War On Christmas. Love it.

Also From DB: Harvard Endowment Investor Letter: Summed up quite nicely in the headline.

Retail Deals: The cheapest steals, the most expensive debt. Kinda like shopping at the sale rack with a credit card.

If You Needed Confirmation: The SPAC-Attack is pretty much done. It was a brief moment in the sun, and perhaps the SPAC frenzy will return with the markets. But for now, its out to lunch.