peHUB Second Opinion 11.11

So Says Goldman: Newspapers are dead, Wall Street is dead, alternative energy is dead, and mattresses, forget it.

Zombies Are Self-Ambulatory: Dealbreaker has a problem with Bloomberg calling AIG a Zombie.

Best Photo Illustration Ever: Accompanied by a pretty good article, too. Michael Lewis marks the (long awaited) end of the Wall Street era, a time he predicted would die soon after he left it, after he wrote Liar’s Poker. He was wrong, by about 20 years.

The Big Money: Debunks the buzz about a genetically engineered “healthy beer” created by three college students (who happen to be underage).

The Good News Is: Congress recognizes that if hedge funds and private equity funds fail, it would be really, really bad. The bad news is that means there could be more oversight and regulation. Especially if a flood of PE-backed bankruptcies breaks the levy next year.

In Case You Missed It Yesterday: Reuters picked up the Harvard letter today (hint: they’re preparing for a bad year).

Dealzone: Asks when TARP is actually going to be used to buy troubled assets?

Freshen Up Your Resume: Lloyds and Barclays want you, PE pros, for their “work out” teams.