peHUB Second Opinion 11.12

Last Night’s Party: Was apparently boisterous and fun, with undertones of fear, worry, and depression, according to this D.C. finance blog. Can’t wait for tonight, see you all there, New York!

The Craigslist Effect: How To Get People To Pay For Classified Ads, a topic explored by Patricia Nakache of VC firm Trinity.

Go For It: It’s now acceptable, apparently, to release intimidating press releases. Huntsman did it today, telling CS and DB it plans to read their emails in an attempt to prove that Apollo and Hexion secretly plotted to back out of the Huntsman deal.

Better than CARP: Ft Alphaville proposes the less funny but more accurate “TERP.”

Dealscape: Lend, Baby Lend.

All Schwarzman All The Time: More commentary on Blackstone’s Merrill Lynch investor presentation the other day.

Most Dramatically Written Debt Story Of The Week: “Deteriorating loan prices and extensive trade settlement delays have set off a market firefight as both sides of the Street trade accusations and invective. The gridlock has infuriated buyers of loans who bid on debt in recent months only to watch the market value of their investments tumble precipitously before their trades even settled….” It goes on to use the phrase, “and here’s the rub.” Awesome.