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peHUB Second Opinion 11.13

Op-Eds: Jamie Dimon writes, “No bank should be too big too fail.” (WaPo)

Exit Signs: Looking closer at Castle Harlan’s exit on United Malt Holdings via BusinessWeek. I’ll save you the time if you only care about the return: They made 4.5x on a $90.5 million equity check with an 80% IRR. (BW)

TPG’s Troubles in Australia are seen as a one time situation. (Background: The Australian Tax Office was seeking to freeze the payment of TPG’s proceeds on the IPO of Myers.) (Business Spectator)

Up: Dollar General shares traded up on the first day. (AP)

Fire Your Superstar CEOs: Paul Kedrosky unearths that “superstar” CEOs, the kind that award-winning CEOs underperform, spend more time on public and private activities outside their companies writing books or on boards, and are paid more. (Infectious Greed)

Want to Work At Google? Know about their crazy interview questions? Here’s a first-person account of one person’s nightmare interview. (Business Insider)

Private Equity Hungry! Feed Private Equity Banks! Private Equity’s interest in bank deals has devolved into “stalking.” But I doubt this will involve any restraining orders, the banks want, even need, private equity. Let’s make this happen… (WSJ)

Worst Job on Wall Street: There are lot of unemployed bankers out there but no one wants this job. (Dealbreaker)