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peHUB Second Opinion 11.17

Curious and Curiouser: Deal Professor uncovers some mysteries in the Bank of America-Merrill merger. (NY Times)

And Speaking Of Crisis-Era Decisions: Felix Salmon now understands why AIG was bailed out. (Reuters)

Crisis Karaoke? Lehman’s collapse has literally loosened the tongues of Japanese bankers, an executive said on Tuesday. Bankers who could only communicate in Japanese are now rattling off e-mails and water cooler conversations in English, Nomura Chief Operating Officer Takeo Sumino said at the Reuters Global Finance Summit.   (Dealzone)

Payin’ It Back: Some 15.4 million taxpayers could receive smaller (tax) refunds than they expected or owe taxes next year because they did not have enough money withheld from their paychecks as part of the Making Work Pay tax credit program, according to a report issued Monday. (WaPo)

Introducing the Electrification Coalition: A group of businessmen urging the federal government to make a major investment in electric transportation. (Dealbook)

Just For Fun: The absurd washboard tie-gift idea for LPs? (Do you guys do gifts? Or is a top quartile performance enough of a present?) (Gizmodo)

Oh Dolly: I happen to love Dolly Parton, but she’s on team PC. (CNET)

White Papers: Mezzanine finance in Central & Eastern Europe (Finance Worldwide)

Bootstrapping 101: On the Viability of starting a business with no outside capital. (Private Equiteer)

America‘s Best Place to Raise Your Kids: See which town ranked highest in BusinessWeek’s fourth annual survey of the Best Places to Raise Your Kids. Hint: It’s in Illinois (BW)