peHUB Second Opinion 11.2

Now Hiring: Meredith Whitney (Fierce Finance)

Unpopular: PE-backed companies wanting to IPO have an uphill battle, including, “not least a wary public that won’t be keen to take on companies whose owners have a reputation for piling on debt and asset-stripping.” (WSJ)

Op-Eds: Nouriel Roubini writes for the FT that the “mother of all carry trades faces an inevitable bust.” (FT)

Lawyer-y Stuff: The Place Of Private Equity In The Investment World, as told by Sean Hill of Proskauer Rose. (Metro Corp Counsel)

Mea Culpa? Once again, Jim Cramer got it very, very wrong. Merely four weeks ago, Mad Money host and founder Jim Cramer said he would buy CIT. (Seeking Alpha)

New Funds, New Terms: John Lovering, has relaunched with a new name and onus on letting limited partners have their say on how their money is invested. (Alt Assets)

The Deal talks to Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley: