peHUB Second Opinion 1.12

Everyone Hates Goldman: Everyone, except for MBA students, who all still want to end up there. (Bloomberg) And maybe the firm’s senior management, if they are in fact required to give to charity.

Ups and Downs: Wellington Fund declares that Canada’s private equity industry is on fire. Meanwhile, the U.S. market is anemic. But Mergers & Acquisitions says we need to put things in perspective.

Wall Street Bonus Mad Libs: Canned outrage, basically. Mildly funny. (LolFed)

Tale of Two Entrepreneurs: Ah, the lemonade stand metaphor of life. (Seth Godin) Reminds me of this lovely lemonade stand metaphor for the finanicial crisis.

Back to DIY: All eyes are on VC-backed Etsy as its founder pulls a Steve Jobs, returning to the CEO role after some time away from the company. (Dealscape)

Carlyle in China: Details on the firm’s remnibi fund. (FT)

Danny Pang: His death was a suicide. (LA Times)

Behind the Music: A newspaper takes a stab at a topic VC blogs cover every day. What goes on during a venture capital pitch meeting. (Washington Post)

Daily Show: What happens when Jon Stewart Fails? (American Prospect) (Judging by the comments, the terrorists win.)

AIG Stock Is Worthless-Isn’t It?: The company and the government both say so. So why is it $29 a share? (Big Money)