peHUB Second Opinion 1.12

Daniel Gross Asks: The health care industry was supposed to be recession-proof. So why is it in trouble? (Moneybox)

Rants: Why the Times article stating that Google is bad for the environment is bunk. (Altgate)

Sir Michael Rake says: He won’t “name and shame” private equity firms that don’t comply with new British transparency rules. (FT)

Sigh Of Relief: TPG investors, bruised this year by WaMu and Harrahs, must’ve been happy to read that the sale of Alltel to Verizon is finally, officially, once and for all, closed. (Deal Journal)

Naked Capitalism: The Bond Recovery in bankruptcies is likely to be far lower than in past downturns.

Free Cash Growth Profile: “A new free cash flow metric reveals which companies can grow without going to the bank or the capital markets.” ( via Dealscape)

Dear John Thain: A Comprehensive list of the must-read finance articles of the past year or so. Felix Salmon points out that they equal out to a 600+ page book.

Obesity Tax: Sparking debates on weather Paterson should implement a tobacco-like tax on fattening drinks. (BusinessWeek)

OMG: A Dad is horrified to learn his teenage daughter sent 14,528 text messages in a month. He calculates that to be around one every two minutes… (Daily Mail)