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peHUB Second Opinion 11.23

PE Bloggers: There aren’t many, so check out Olympus Partners’ trailblazing tome. (Olympus Partners)

So Why DID Goldman Get Paid by AIG? Goldman answers Gretchen Morgenson’s questions via email. (NY Times)

One Extreme To Another: Banks are destroying small businesses. (Private Equiteer)

Jamie Dimon For Treasury Secretary: The man is being considered for the role. Deal Journal calls him The Contradictor in Chief? (DJ)

How’s This For Fear: It’s one thing for your company to sell to a PE firm, but what about to sell to scientologists? (Dealbook)

I’m Sorry Baby: Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein’s big apology is being called a “savvy investment.” (BusinessWeek)

Target Practice: Here’s a list of recently reported PE targets in the Pharma industry. (WSJ)

When ‘I’m Sorry’ Doesn’t Cut It: Dealbook has more on what it’ll take to fix Wall Street’s spin problem. (Dealbook)

Complying: Middle East & Asia Capital Partners Pte (MEACP) plans to introduce a sharia-compliant investment vehicle to its clean energy fund to attract Islamic capital. (Reuters)

Speculation: Private Equity to buy Motorola? (dealReporter)

‘Nam: PE Investors are more confident about investments in Vietnam, a Grant Thornton survey reveals. (VNN)

Blair Effron of Centerview Partners on big LBOs: