peHUB Second Opinion 11.24

Guess the Firm: “The performance of this fund is frankly pretty embarrassing for them and that is all the motivation they need. Sometimes it is about pride more than money.”

LP Stakes In TPG: Selling for 45 cents on the dollar, reflecting concerns over Harrah’s and other companies.

It Just Looks Bad: Dealzone points out that Citigroup’s 20-year, $400 million naming rights to the new Mets stadium has now been basically sponsored by us, the taxpayers. Citi’s response is quite expected: “That was a decision made in a different time. We have binding legal agreements… I don’t think it’s an issue.”

Clusterstock: Compares the new Mets Stadium to Enron Field.

Trickle Down Effects: With the golden banker era over, gold diggers are having to really, really dig these days.

Off Topic Thanksgiving ideas: Turkducken (duck in a chicken in a turkey)? That’s old news. This year, wrap it in bacon. NSFV (Not Safe For Vegetarians).

Could It Be: America, the nation of credit cards, could actually increase its savings?

Song Sounds The Same: The Big Buyouts Look Bad.

Even Activist Shareholders Have a Heart: Or no stomach. Seems Ackman is backing away from demands for a Target sale-leaseback for the time being, after it was blatantly rejected by the company.

Predictions: One of the Not So Big Anymore Three could default, S&P says. And via Dealbreaker: Look at the severity of GM’s cost cutting. We’re talking pencils and wall clocks people.

Needs! More! Puppies!: Thanks to the infamous puppycam, has gained a ton of attention, including from potential investors.