peHUB Second Opinion 11.25

Happy Thanksgiving!

PE Battle Cry: Chief executives of private equity-backed companies should speak out to defend the industry against ‘misguided’ European Union regulation, according to the new head of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. (FT)

First Rule of Business: Don’t Get Emotional. Unless you’re an investment firm called Emotional Assets. (Felix Salmon)

New Kind of Corporate Raiders: The FBI has raided the office of buyout shops in Indiana and Ohio after a news article questioned their business practices. (Dealbook)

Horse Before Carriage? Twitter is eyeing more acquisitions! Oh, and also, it is eying  revenues next year. (Reuters)

What Facebook Can’t Give You: Before Facebook, there was the Wednesday 10. (WSJ)

Squeezing Out Savings from Outsourcing: Useful advice-use less outsourcing services. (BusinessWeek)

Skype Shakeup: Don’t think they won’t change the management. (Bits)