peHUB Second Opinion 11.27

Leveraged Loans are the New Bonds: lending is picking back up-deals are now less impossible and now merely complicated. (FT)

On a Related Note: The Banks have reopened their checkbooks for M&A. (WSJ)

The Coming Fight for Executive Talent: BusinessWeek on the inexorable rise of Asia will force the West into a battle for its managers (BW)

W-Shaped What? Canadian private equity investors are preparing for a double dip. (Reuters)

Really? We’re still talking about a “cupcake bubble”? (NY Times)

Blame the Buyer: Did Shareholders and institutional investors cause the financial crisis? (Atlantic)

Stereotypes: How Americans View the World. (Paul Kedrosky)

A Time to Come Together: And Merge. “Companies that have been warring for years might soon get in the holiday spirit of togetherness.” (NY Post)