peHUB Second Opinion 1.13

CNBC: Clusterstock points out that the calibur of advertiser on CNBC has really sunk. My personal favorite is the one for Grand Prospect Hall (probably becuase it’s in my neighborhood). The commenters chime in with a few, including the VC favorite, Cash4Gold!

Stress Relief: Businesspeople in Japan are blowing off steam by breaking plates at a store called the Venting Place. (Business Pundit)

Here’s A Wild Idea: Breaking Views suggests its time for KKR to take Dollar General public. With a lot of caveats.

MBO Fail: The SEC caused Landry’s to pull its planned MBO, because it required the firm to break its confidentiality agreements with lenders. Landry’s decided to keep mum so it could at least obtain alternative financing. There is something wrong with this picture. (Reuters)

Not Just The Little Guys: CEOs are losing their jobs in record numbers, too. (WSJ)

Fred Wilson: Lists the ways he is happy abut the Genechowski pick for FCC Head. (There are 10). (A VC)

Money Money Money: What do Abba and IFR have in common? (Deal Journal)