peHUB Second Opinion 1.13

Big Story of the Day: Congress is grilling the bank CEOs on compensation. Here’s some of the best coverage: WSJ: Banks Admit Missteps Amid Grilling, Elliot Spitzer on HuffPo: 10 Questions The Financial Crisis Commission Must Ask, Dealbook: More Questions for the Finance Chiefs, Dealbook: Wall St. Must Pay ‘Mad Scientists’ Well, Lobbyist Says, Newsweek: The subsidy that won’t die.

Management’s Ticket to Ride: Deal Professor breaks down the management roll-over deal in Apollo’s buyout of amusement park operator Cedar Fair. (Dealbook)

The AIG Shortfall Agreement: Using the word `Redacted’ about 840 times in a single 16-page document is begging for trouble. (FT Alphaville via Dealscape)

Here comes an M&A boom.  Better to be early than late.  (Michael Mauboussin via Abnormal Returns)

Dolla dolla: Bain Capital has cashed in on more of its Dollarama chips after being public for only 3 months. (The Deal Pipeline)

$87,000 Rug: CIT’s executive offices may be getting a makeover. John Thain is in the running for the firm’s CEO position. (WSJ)

Salacious Gossip: The wife of Jamie Rubin of PE firm BC Partners (who is the son of Robert Rubin) has a book out. Bloomberg has a write-up and Dealbreaker has some thoughts.