peHUB Second Opinion 11.30

Which Way: Wall Street is looking for “direction.” Investors are betting that the Dubai situation won’t have a major impact on the U.S. (CNN)

Meanwhile: Deal Journal wonders something similar… Asking, Will Dubai be the next Lehman Brothers? Answer: “May not” be, but could have “nasty surprises.” (Deal Journal)

And One Last Dubai World Note: Here’s a list of the assets the conglomerate could be forced to sell. (Reuters)

Back to Basics: Pension funds want buyout funds to go back to their roots! Besides, the private equity industry ended sometime last year anyways, they say. (P&I)

Who Does Cap and Trade Hurt and Harm the Most? Do I smell targets? (dealReporter)

Yep: Holiday Parties, still on at Bank of America. (Clusterstock)

Wow: In addition to Dan’s pickup from this morning that street gangs are using Twitter, did you know that the NYPD still uses TYPEWRITERS? (Gothamist)

Lookin’ Forward: What’s in store for December? (Bespoke Investment Group)