peHUB Second Opinion 1.14

Behind the Skype: Bloomberg digs into Skype’s founders relationship with eBay, Andressen, and Silver Lake. (Bloomberg)

Poor, Poor Rich Banker: “You’re a senior-level bonus baby of Wall Street. How do you cope with what’s happening to you: the angry blogs, the editorials demanding contrition, the tax threats, the suggestion that your bonus is an ill-gotten gain, the inquiry commissions, the “vilification” in Jamie Dimon’s words?” (Dealscape)

Men and Women Respond to Stress Differently: Finding calls for gender-specific treatments for some diseases, researchers say (BusinessWeek)

The Lloyd Face: Lloyd Blankfein showed an amazing variety of facial expressions during the Financial Crisis Inquiry yesterday, Dealbreaker has a breakdown. (Dealbreaker)

Name Drama: J.W. Childs’ apparel company JA Apparel is embroiled in a lawsuit with the company’s founder and namesake, Joseph Abboud. (WSJ)

John Carney: Tracks down the economist who won a $1,000 bet with the authors of the book Dow 36,000 that the Dow would end the decade closer to 10,000 than 36,000. (Business Insider)

Don’t Eat Here: peHUB’s parent company Reuters has achieved the dubious honor of having the least sanitary cafeteria of all NY media companies. Vom. (Daily Intel)

Heidi N. Moore: Bank of America’s new CEO wants to “bring in his own people.” Moore writes, “for shareholders, these are not encouraging words.” (Big Money)