peHUB Second Opinion 1.15

Wow: Remember when Steve Jobs said the Segway would be bigger than the PC? Yeahhhh. It was quietly sold with little fanfare on Christmas eve, Dealscape reports. (Via @MKFlynn)

Job Interview Techniques: Tips on how to research financial companies before interviewing with them. (FINS)

A report released by, publishers of Private Equity Jobs Digest, reveals that private equity and venture capital firms take very different approaches to compensation based on the size of their funds. More details here.

Steve Rattner: Why are the former car czar/PE baron/NY Times editor/Democrat and his wife supporting Harold Ford? Because Kirsten Gillibrand broke his wife’s brothers heart, apparently. (Gawker, WaPo)

Hiring 2.0: Is it better to hire someone who gets social media but may not understand business strategy or to hire someone who understands business strategy and teach them social media? Tac Anderson asks his Twitter contingency and the answers are interesting. (New Comm Biz)

Speaking of Social Media: Here are the 20 Best Marketing And Social Media Blogs By Women. (Forbes)

Testing Rocking Waters: BC Partners seeks raise €5.8bn, the biggest fund since the  collapse of Lehman Brothers. (FT)