peHUB Second Opinion 11.5

Big and Private: Forbes released its list of the largest private companies, and has included a separate slideshow highlighting the biggest firms and their holdings. (Forbes)

09 Bonus Watch: Get ready for your big bonus! They’re “BACK!” Unless of course they never went away for you (talking to you, PE pros…). (WSJ)

The Man Who Sunk Citi Starting a Hubris Fund: Proof that no matter how much you lost on subprime bets, you can still raise $100 million for a hedge fund. (Dealbreaker)

Bank Buyin’ Siguler Guff has purchased a stake in a Russian bank. (FT)

Shady: Why would any board of directors provide incentives to CEOs to do deals(Breakingviews via Abnormal Returns)

Go Big or Go Home: Dan and I have concluded that TPG and CPP’s deal for IMS Health is the largest private equity deal of the year. Mega-firms, do you really want to be beat out by a firm that gave money back to investors and a pension plan? (Dealbook)

Hey Retail Owners: If you aren’t luring customers in with “private” sales, then you’re not maximizing sale opps. (BusinessWeek)

Goodfellas: Michael Corkey thinks the Galleon situation reminds him all too much of a mafia movie. (Deal Journal)

Catch a Wave: Yet another I-bank predicts a “wave” of M&A. (Dealzone)