peHUB Second Opinion 1.15.2009

Breakfast Wars: A staunch supporter of breakfast sandwiches, I followed Wendy’s foray into the breakfast world quite closely. Sadly, I had a hunch as both a consumer and a witness to the company’s investor presentations, that the strategy was doomed from the start. Maybe it’ll come back after the recession. (Daily Bread)

Finance Comics: Bankruptcy Bill, and haikus.

Ups and Downs: Schwarzman gets a little good news this week, after an insider trading scandal tainted his firm. The firm is allowed to walk away from Alliance Data without paying the breakup fee.

What’s Better For the Economy: Fiscal or Monetary policy? (Daniel Gross)

A VC: Not Happy about FAS157. (Tortuous in fact, is the word)

Eavesdropping for Dollars: Stock tips sharing on Twitter. (MSN Money via Abnormal Returns)

M&A: Somehow, someone somewhere thinks luxury plays are a good call. Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli is selling a minority stake to a PE firm. (Reuters)

More Signs of Life?: Corporate bond and note markets are increasing in activity. (Dealscape)