peHUB Second Opinion 1.16

Not So Vitamin-y: Vitamin Water, which you may remember TSG Consumer Partners made a fortune on, is being sued by health advocacy groups that say Coke (Vitamin Water’s parent) is selling “sugar water” and “claiming it has vitamins that boost immunity and reduce risk of disease.” But what a great branding strategy. (NY Post)

Multi Bylines: Watch out. ABC has launched a special investigation as to what is being done with the billions of taxpayer dollars funneled into TARP. Oh, and they point out that the spokesman for Bank of America has been a jerk. (ABC)

Lists: 10 most unethical people in business. Plenty to choose from these days. (Marketwatch via Naked Capitalism)

Lifeline to Luxury: NRDC is helping out Lord & Taylor, along the same lines as Leonard Green-backed Neiman Marcus’ recent layoff news.
Dealzone: Poses a very good question-who is going to buy assets from Citi?

How One Jilted Lender Is Dealing: Through the media. The story of a $250,000 loan and a million press releases. (Dealscape)

Corporate Divorce: How Steven Spielberg handles the credit crisis. (Deal Journal)