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peHUB Second Opinion 11.9

The Winning Young Entrepreneurs of 2009: The results are in for BusinessWeek’s Best Entrepreneurs 25 and Under roundup. Number one is the founders of Emergent. (BW)

BX Talks a Little Shit: In a not-so-subtle jab at TPG, Tony James in Blackstone’s earnings call said, “Many of our competitors are not so lucky and many are being forced to give back capital, to downsize and to change strategy.” More on that from The FT.

PE BACK! Some banks are preparing for the return of PE. On the hiring front, UBS Investment Bank and BMO Capital Markets have beefed up their financial sponsors teams. (Dealscape)

And Speaking of Hiring: Here’s a Q&A with the head of recruiting at Carlyle Group. (FINS)

More PE Is Back Cheerleading Evidence: (Portfolio)

Wunderkind: I am currently working through Andrew Ross Sorkin’s 2+ lb. crisis book “Too Big To Fail.” As supplemental reading, check out a profile of the author in New York Magazine. Among the conflicts addressed, the idea that Sorkin is too close to his sources, including bank CEOs, Buyout barons and government regulators. (NY Mag)

Speaking of Business Books: Here is the most comprehensive breakdown of Malcolm Gladwell as a person, writer, and idea-peddler. (The Nation)

In case you invest in Restaurants: Here are some Do and Don’t golden rules for servers (100 in fact), both useful and, as the commenters show, disputed. (NY Times)

And Speaking of Restaurants: Triarc’s investment in Arby’s isn’t doing so hot in the recession. Here’s why. (Slate)

Putting Things in Perspective: Landing a job in a recession is on par (odds-wise) with getting into Harvard. (CNN)