peHUB Second Opinion 12.14

In the wake of the Connecticut school massacre, ESPN staff won’t be tweeting about sports until Sunday.

Walmart is offering the iPhone 5 for $127.

SeaWorld may go public.

Apple shares fall to a 10-month low after a UBS analyst cut his price estimate.

Richard Schulze now has until Feb. 28 to make an offer for Best Buy.

HTML5 is the future of mobile apps

Julie Larson-Green is the woman charged with making Windows 8 succeed.

Good for Yahoo! U.S. government removes Taobao from global list of “notorious markets” and this clears the way for an Alibaba IPO.

This is John McAfee’s latest and strangest interview yet. 

Prez Obama says federal authorities shouldn’t target recreational marijuana use in the states that have legalized pot.

*Also, peHUB would like to extend our condolences to the family’s, teachers, kids and anyone involved in the Connecticut school shooting.