peHUB Second Opinion 12.6

Bad mergers are crippling innovation.

John McAfee was rushed to a hospital in Guatemala after suffering two mild heart attacks.

Bryan Goldberg says losers are out there and you shouldn’t hire them.

“Skyfall” is the highest grossing film in British box office history.

Gilt Group hires a new CEO.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says one of the existing Mac lines will be made just in the U.S.

T-Mobile will start selling some Apple products, including the iPhone, next year.

Facebook is rumored to be in talks to buy Microsoft’s ad platform, Atlas.

Famous last words. Gerry Smith, Lenovo’s president of the North America region, says the industry underestimated touchscreen demand.

Still relevant? Metallica has put its entire catalog on Spotify.

A woman in Virginia is sued for $750,000 after writing a really negative Yelp review.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Andrew Winning