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peHUB Second Opinion 1.20

Oracle and Obama: Massachusetts voters may have had it with some of the Obama administration’s policies. But it appears that Obama still has a fan in Omaha. (Deal Journal)

Should Private Equity Be Investing in Residential Real Estate? Time thinks not. (Time)

Looking to “Capitalise”: Blackstone has applied for a British banking license. (Reuters)

Fireworks: Cisco, Twitter See More Technology Takeovers for 2010. (Bloomberg)

Amazing: Gary Fencik, once a hard-hitting safety with the Chicago Bears and now a partner with Adams Street Partners, turned down a chance to join some of his 1985 Bears’ teammates in reprising their well-known “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap song and video for a Boost Mobile ad. (PE Beat)

What Wall Street Really Fears: That Lloyd Blankfein, “the least-appealing CEO on Wall Street is leading the effort to change the public perception that the system is rigged against the little guy suffering through 10 percent unemployment while the big banks party on.” (Daily Beast)

Why Do Business Journalists Let Businessmen Off Easy? Because when they don’t, business people get nasty. Take the country’s nastiest CEO, Patrick Byrne. (The Big Money)

Daily Show: Jon Stewart on the new Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

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