peHUB Second Opinion 1.20

Guess: Who funded the most expensive inauguration ever? Citigroup, Revlon, D.E. Shaw, and several hedge fund names. (Dealbook)

Of Course: Someone will benefit from the Madoff scandal, and it may as well be the journalist who called him out in 2001. She’s got a book deal. (Dealzone)

Love Him or Hate Him: Timothy Sykes’ blog made $83,358 in December.

Via Abnormal Returns: Why is it that CEOs take offense at good questions? Partly, because they’re encouraged by “hangers on.” It’s the story of failed CEOs and why capitalism collapsed. (Jeff Matthews)

Kedrosky and Salmon: Discussing SWFs. (Market Movers)

Gen Y Goes To Work: A few well-trod arguments about the effects of tech and finance layoffs affecting the “Net Generation.” (The Economist)

Shoot the Lenders: Naked Capitalism discusses Steve Waldman’s idea that in order to end the financial mess, we end the lending.

Appropriately: 25 Barack Obama quotes. (Business Pundit)

We Do Love Milestones: Why 100 day plans are a mistake in business. (FT)

Tech: There’s been a host of articles about Obama’s tech-savvy-ness. Here’s one from Businessweek on what the tech industry can expect.

Permira: Issuing the capital call letters. (FT)

Talented people: Leaving finance, going into other fields. H/T Abnormal returns

Match-making: Which Companies should hire the laid off Congressmen who voted for TARP? (Clusterstock suggests)