peHUB Second Opinion 1.21

Five Reasons to Worry About Google: Signs of mortality as the company nears its Q4 earnings report … (Motley Fool)

Presidential Ratings: From Truman to Bush. (WSJ)

Combs His Face Backward: Trump could be preparing to file for bankruptcy, a fabulous Chapter 33, Dealbreaker writes. But keeeep attending those “get rich selling real estate” classes, kids.

Fabulously I’m sure: Today Bush found out how his stocks and bonds portfolio performed over the last eight years. (Page six)

This Is The Dawning Of: A new era for venture capitalism and entrepreneurship? The Deal’s Matthew Wurtzel asks. (Dealzone)

Mythology: Is the idea of a business cycle a myth? Robert Skidelsky thinks so. (Guardian)

Anthrax Scare: Dow Jones offices received an envelope of white powder today not unlike the ones received by Reuters and NY Times last fall. (Reuters)

Sarah Lacy: Writes that big companies could lose talent to start-ups if they don’t provide job security. (Valley Girl)