peHUB Second Opinion 12.10

Which VCs to Avoid: Some interesting, almost Seinfeld-ian reasons for an entrepreneur to walk away from a VC investor. Including “Avoid an investor who does not carry an iPhone.” Seriously. (The Venture Company)

On Recessions: “It is the economic equivalent of Lent.” (Financial Times)

More Surveys: European PE/VCs say PE’s affect on employee relations is relatively positive (ignore the misleading headline). (AltAssets)

Whatever: Spouse 2.0 Day, a Hallmark-ian celebration of the husbands and wives of start-up founders, is being documented in every conceivable 2.0 manner, naturally. It’s clever, but something about the line, “Your family at home is essentially a start-up as well…” feels like this pseudo-event is reallllly stretching it. (Bits)

Rewrite the PE Rulebook: So says Jonathan Foster of Current Capital, a guest columnist at Dealbook. In his article he lays out the basic tenets of classic PE investing and suggests the industry return to simpler times. (Dealbook)

That’s Entertainment: Business Pundit has been killing it.
-A guide for how to survive corporate holiday parties including some good, safe, small talk questions. That is, if you all have any to attend (Don’t feel bad, I missed TR’s last night).
-A list of 10 layoff sites, including F*ckedStartups
-A buncha logo parodies for recessionary companies (including “Down Jones” and “Yahoo?”).

Bummers: Lower level Jefferies lay-offs are being hung out to dry. (Dealbreaker)

Um, What?: Jesus was born in June, the Post reports. This is really going to put a strain on Q4-weighted companies.

Unsarcastically Fascinating: Scrips are coming back, as a way to encourage Milwaukee consumers shop at local businesses instead of national chains. I say, if local businesses can’t even buy inventory at the prices Wal-Mart sells them at, will it work? (Dealscape)

Internet Fun: Slate’s cool interactive guide to the bailout.