peHUB Second Opinion 12.11

!!!!!: Bernard Madoff has been arrested for fraud!

Fearmongering: Read the eight really scary predictions from “the market’s sharpest thinkers.” Among them, “Dow 4,000. Food shortages. A bubble in Treasury notes.”

We Have Been Saying This All Along: It was dumb to lever companies in declining industries, like newspapers. There must be a sentence generator online somewhere that pops out various versions of this line: “Private equity barons bought companies, issued debt to pay themselves dividends, and were hailed as master investors.”

Leaks: Yahoo’s layoff script. I assume this is similar to the way most layoffs go down to avoid a mutiny, its kinda sad to read.

A Little Advice: If you’re written about in a blog, do not respond in the comments section. (We mean you Halsey Minor). Because this could happen.

Remember Ross Perot: Would he make a good car czar?

In Vice News: Scores is no mores.

Zing!: The CEO of Visa lost his credit cards. Get it? Its funny because he’s the… Anyways I wonder if he got to enjoy the degrading experience of calling a customer service line.

Lets Get Digital: Should the New York Times go all-online?