peHUB Second Opinion 12.15

In-Depth: One of the better PE resume advice columns I’ve seen. (Job Search Digest)

Bold predictions: 24/7 Wall Street predicts twelve huge M&A deals for 2010. (24/7)

Woe as me: AIG executives are suffering financially, its CEO said. As Dealbreaker put it, they’re practically living in the streets! (WSJ)

Doomed: Movie Gallery, which already restructured once, has hired a restructuring advisor again. No surprise, how can they compete when even Blockbuster is getting killed by Netflix? (Debtwire)

Good Riddance: Amid all these rose-colored retrospectives on the decade, its nice to have a little cynicism in the mix. Time magazine lays out the Ten Worst Things About the Worst Decade Ever. (Time)

Servicey: How to restore your privacy on Facebook after the company switched up everyone’s settings. (Gawker)

Call to Arms: FT columnists write, “The good news: private equity firms are volunteering much more information about themselves and the largest companies they own. The bad news: they have much further to go before trigger-happy critics and regulators will holster their weapons.” (FT)

Speaking of critics (trigger happy or otherwise), here’s one: Josh Kosman talks about the Buyout of America with Forbes… Embed isn’t working, so view the video here.