peHUB Second Opinion 12.16

Looking for New BRIC Opportunities? Bollywood is eying private equity as banks go slow. (Business Standard)

The Anatomy of a Bonus: Banker bonuses will look different this year. Here’s a breakdown. (FINS) And while you’re at it, here’s some stats about bonuses.

Year End Crap-Up: Now that it’s the end of the decade, there’s even more journalist reflecting, pontificating, analyzing, etc. (Note: peHUB is certainly not immune.) Here’s  Mean Street’s Second Annual “Meanie” Awards. (WSJ)

Step Away from the Blackberrys and Apples: What our increasingly cyber lives is doing to the actual world around us. Like, the outside of the world wide web. (Washington Post)

Person O’ The Year: Time named Ben Bernanke its person of the year. He happens to have a whopping 21% approval rating. (Business Insider)

Heartbreaking: It’s hard for America’s Santas to be jolly when kids are asking for things like eyeglasses, socks and jobs for their dads. (WSJ)

More on The State of Things: Underemployment, along with unemployment, is widely seen as a force slowing the economic recovery. (WSJ)