peHUB Second Opinion 12.16

Dear Sirs: Maurice Greenberg is not happy about the price being paid for AIG’s toxic assets. He wrote a letter to Edward Liddy to tell him so.

You Knew It Was Coming: Madoff gear on eBay.

And Even Better: Madoff speaking in 2007, where he outlines how fraud is nearly impossible. Best line at minute 5:30: “It’s impossible for a violation to go undetected, especially for a long period of time… That doesn’t mean there aren’t abuses…”  (Infectious Greed)

So About That Argument: That a bankrupt automaker would discourage people from buying cars. Looks like that’s out the window, according to a poll.

Dissenting Opinion: John Carney believe that perhaps letting Lehman file for bankruptcy wasn’t the worst idea.

The Real Shaq: Maybe I’m late to this, but has anyone else read Shaquille O’ Neal’s twitter? And noticed that he’s big on LOLs?

Paul Krugman: His Nobel Prize lecture is online.

On KKR’s Latest Move: “Firing the CEO at KFN is like putting a band-aid on a mortal wound.” (Blogging Buyouts)

Mark To Market: Joe The Plumber and Venture Capital