peHUB Second Opinion 12.17

Survey time! Last year peHUB readers participated in Semaphore’s Confidence Survey, which tests PE sentiment in areas like income and confidence in their colleagues and managing partners. Highlights from last year’s survey include one respondent’s bluntly saying “PE is dead and I wish my boss were too“. Yikes. To participate this year, go here.

Call a Spade a Spade: Terra Firma has filed a lawsuit against Citigroup for talking the firm into the EMI deal. Felix Salmon calls it “slightly batshit.” (Reuters)

Eating Our Words: We already looked at some private equity false alarms, but BusinessWeek has done a similar story with a broader focus. (BW)

Headline of the Day: Apparel maker North Face has sued a parody company called South Butt for trademark infringement. South Butt, which boasts the slogan “Never Stop Relaxing” was created by a college kid who wanted to poke fun at wearers of brand name outdoor apparel like North Face. (ABA Journal)

What Matters Now: Marketing “guru” Seth Godin has created an inspirational book and the 88-page PDF of it is free. Includes snippets from VC Fred Wilson, among others. (Seth Godin)

IPO Fire Dies: Lower prices for recent deals indicate that IPO investors remain finicky even amid an equity-market rally. (BusinessWeek)

Lex weighs in: More of the fading of PE-backed IPO fervor. (FT)

It’s Payback Time! The surprising reason why banks are suddenly repaying their TARP funds. (Daniel Gross)