peHUB Second Opinion 12.18

Take Risks, Get Punished: Credit Suisse is handing out bonuses in the form of the very toxic mortgage assets the firm was selling. How’s that for eating your own cooking? (Dealscape)

She Knew It, Round Two: This time it’s he knew it, and that he is Harry Markopolos, an investor who tried to take Madoff down numerous times. Infectious Greed calls the Wall Street Journal story on it a “must-read.”

Bad News: For GE just keeps pilin’ up. S&P today said the firm’s AAA credit rating may be lowered.

Deal Journal: Heidi Moore on Why Cerberus Won’t Put More Money Into Chrysler.

PEC: Not Happy with Obama’s Priorities. Dealbook reports.

Credit Slips: Bob Lawless is predicting a slight increase in the number of bankruptcies over this year, and his estimate for this year was pretty close.

Behind: I completely missed this but perhaps you haven’t. WSJ has a blog called “Laid off and Looking” which follows the travails of eight Wall Streeters on the job hunt.

Get Over Yourself: Or so, Felix Salmon says, of fund managers who are bragging that they did not invest in Madoff funds.

Hatin On Chris Cox: And the SEC. (Dealbook)