peHUB Second Opinion 12.19

Backstabbing: A Lehman trader stole info about pending M&A deals from his public relations wife?! And then gave it to 20 of his friends to trade on?! At least in Barbarians at the Gate the PR/financier husband-wife team worked together! What a horribly desperate dude. (CNBC)

Call-Outs: Cerberus, update your web site already! You can’t ignore the fact that you’re all over the headlines forever. (PE Database)

Agreed: Paul Kedrosky mathematically argues that Madoff wasn’t as unsophisticated as commentators say he was. (Infectious Greed)

Asleep at the Wheel: Madoff’s accountant wrote an essay about how surprising it is to find ATMs overseas. Really.

Predictions: Philip Stephens agrees with me that it’s completely futile to make predictions for the coming year, presidency, market, etc. Ironic he’s saying so in the FT, which is in the same group as the ever-predictive Economist.

UK Buyout Spending Down: Numbers from the FT. You guys like numbers.

More on CS Bonuses: Guess what? They’re not too happy. (Wall Street Folly)

RIP: Coinciding the slow death of long form investigative journalism, Deep Throat, the Watergate informant, has died. (Bloomberg)

Melodrama: BusinessWeek’s article on Silicon Valley is high on the dooms dayishness. Titled “A Wrench in Silicon Valley’s Wealth Machine” the story begins, “A year ago, cash rained on tech startups like Digg. Now their valuations are slipping, and venture capital is drying up.”