peHUB Second Opinion 1.22

The Printed Blog: That’s right, there’s a start-up out there that seeks to reprint blogs on paper and distribute them with local ads. I can think of about a million things wrong with this idea, but hey, you never know. At this point any kind of innovation in print media is better than none. (NY Times)

Meredith Whitney: Contributing to the FT, writes, “A clear lesson learnt from this credit crisis has been to sell and sell early.” Also notes that there is nothing she would invest in right now. (FT)

Bad News: Things look rough at Cogentas. The firm “is in talks with lenders about restructuring the debts at four of its portfolio companies, after it lost control of two investments last year.” (FT)

Facebook: The company might have its own set of profitability challenges, but BusinessWeek calls it “the new web portal.” Step aside, Google and Yahoo. (BW)

Optimism: For deal doing-we saw it here yesterday, and now the Deal has posted advice for “smart targets.” (The Deal)

Daniel Gross: Asks what is the next retail company to go under, and then doesn’t really answer it. (Moneybox)

Apollo: Wading further away from its core with commodities? The firm brought in specialists for the new practice around this time last year. (Bloomberg)